Wolfgang Wallace: Harbor

Wolfgang Wallace is the 3-way love-child of front man Matthew (Wally) Wallace, harmony vocalist and lead guitarist Joe Powers, and self-proclaimed “lead drummer” Brett Clanton.

The Greenville trio has most recently been working on their first album, Wolfgang Does the Dance Macabre, penned and composed by Wally, and they've been performing their AJJ-meets-Cabaret stage show (complete with live painting, fictitious sponsorships, and at least one pair of glasses going flying per set) wherever venues will allow.

They're a high-energy, caricatureized emo-folk dream come true — mixing dark, fantastical lyrics, and upbeat, whimsical music into a gripping storyline filled with passion, romance, murder, and magic.

Facebook: https://facebook.com/wolfgangwallaceband

Instagram: https://instagram.com/wolfgangwallaceband

Spotify: http://spoti.fi/394pIgx

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