Ty Graves

Originally from Decatur, GA but raised in Spartanburg, Ty Graves is a well known independent artist around the Upstate's hip-hop / R&B community. What began his music adventure was watching his father, Harold "Big Body" Jackson of East Point, GA make music at a young age and he began to take an interest.

Moving to South Carolina in 2007, his dedication to music grew. Graves recorded his first track, "Life Changes" in 2009 using his grandmother's computer which lead to his grandparents buying him studio equipment. In 2010 he began performing live with his then rap group, "Smash Crew" which years later became "Ready Gang Or Step".

In 2019, he released two new singles — "Mean Mug" and "Half Bath" — as well as "We$t We$t", a collaboration track with fellow Upstate rapper Shyland Flowers.

Follow Ty on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1xSfyUZffBB21k5Agsysad

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