Christoph Kresse aka SAKI BOMB displays a finesse and fascinating blend of sounds of ambient, dub, trip-hop and lo-fi house to techno, avant-garde and even jungle music.

The German born producer now located in Greenville is known for unique audio/visual live performances liberated from the stigma of the “button pusher” or laptop musician. SAKI BOMB integrates analog gear like the modular synthesizer, drum machines, groove boxes, percussion and often, the bagpipes into etheric soundscapes and danceable tracks.

Pushing into more unusual electronic music territories, SAKI BOMB has been known within the South Eastern indie music scene, for unique A/V live performances, displaying original visuals along with his music. Composed of lo-fi samples, often dark ambient textures, warm synth tones, dub echoes, and trip-hop rhythms, SAKI BOMB is as well suited for forest strolls and lost Sunday afternoon day dreams, as for underground club shows. SAKI BOMB has self-released an entire catalog of EPs and singles since 2010 through his Bandcamp site and performed across the South Eastern USA, including Nophest 2013 (Atlanta), TEDx 2012 (Greenville) Drone Fest 2 (Clemson) and FutureFest 2017 (Columbia). His music has been featured on My Old Kentucky Blog (SIRIUS/XMU Blog Radio), WSBF 88.1, WFMU 91.1 and WUSC 90.5 College Radio.

The fusion of analog haze, fuzz and digital clearness, reflects on SAKI BOMB’s mastery of production and composition work, inviting the listener into a timeless world of electronic ambient bliss. Snippets of field recordings, deconstructed IDM, lo-fi techno, organic pulse, bagpipes, modular synth and Middle Eastern percussion are scattered gracefully over drum machine beats, or simply left as ambient collages, to sculpt the music that is SAKI BOMB.

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