Mountain Bridge

Biography - Mountain Bridge is a new bluegrass band with an old soul. Chad Simpson brings vocal stylings similar to James King and Junior Sisk to the band, along with his strong rhythm guitar; Josh Johnson fiddling and singing the “high, lonesome” tenor and baritone has played in various traditional bands in Upstate SC for the past 15 years; Codie Sloan plays a strong banjo style and sings baritone and bass, and has family roots that date back to the music of Charlie Moore and Bill Monroe; mandolin player Barron Rogers of Waynesville, NC is a seasoned veteran of the music, having done stints with the Far City Boys as well as Jerry Butler and the Blue Jays; and Georgia native and bass player Chris Williamson rounds out the rhythm section. Chris got his professional start with Randy Khors, and was a founding member of the group Volume Five.

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