Lonely Lover aka Timothy Ezekiel Bell

What started as an attempt to get girls has become a true labor of love for Anderson, SC singer - songwriter Timothy Ezekiel Bell. With a unique writing style influenced from a variety of acts ranging from Relient K, Simon & Garfunkel, and even his mom's old gospel records Bell cuts straight to his own emotional truth.

Timothy Bell and the Runaway Slaves' premier EP, Business Trip, released in 2014 centers on the theme of dreaming of a vacation lifestyle filled with eased and romance juxtaposed with the lingering reality that all vacations must come to an end. Bell utilizes imagery heavy lyrics paired with a modernized Beach Boys musical style to take listeners on vacation with him.

Even though "Business Trip" was Timothy Bell and the Runaway Slaves' first release Bell's musical experience spans close to a decade with emphasis on his electropop project Lonely Lover, formerly The Ezekiel Experience. Lonely Lover takes Bell's blunt signature writing style and pairs it with ambient synth lines and a love for the 80s that lands some where between The Postal Service and Kavinsky. Under the Lonely Lover project Bell has released Astronomy EP along with several single tracks.

Years of cultivating his craft and dedication to grassroots promotion has led Bell to local success. In the last several years he has been featured on WRIX and WSBF radio, Clemson's Bootleg Essential Culture zine, and the indie compilation album Another One of Those Equinoxes Volume 2. He has also opened for Jeremy Spring (of Abandon Kansas) and The Jellyrox (Matt Langston of Eleventyseven), two of his musical heroes and influences.

For the not so distant future Timothy Bell and the Runaway Slaves will release a follow-up to Business Trip titled From an Island that will introduce more instruments to the Runaway Slaves' repertoire. Bell has plans to release more music under Lonely Lover and collaborate with music artists in the area to expand his sound and gain new inspiration.

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