Kylie Odetta: Look at Us Now

Kylie Odetta is a 23 year old soul/pop artist. She's a slow burning fire of warmth and light with songs that are colorful, dreamy, and full of passion. Her southern roots are mixed with hints of r&b and the emotionally expressive lyrics of an "old soul" singer/songwriter. Odetta grew up in Greenville playing the keys and singing her songs behind closed doors out of timidity until age 11. Once she got a taste of performing live there was no looking back.

Kylie has toured nationally and internationally playing shows in the United States as well as the U.K. She has opened up for artists Gavin DeGraw, Colbie Callait, Mat Kearney, Austin Mahone, Kellie Pickler, Corey Harper, and Liz Vice as well as headlined 100s of her own shows. She's vibrant, quirky, and confident. Teeming with energy and kindness every time she plays, solo or with the 'dream team', Odetta is on a mission to give love and bring hope by connecting through raw, honest, and encouraging music.

She released her Roots & Petals EP in the spring of 2020 featuring a stunning bouquet of delicate, etherial and hopeful songs. The sound is refreshingly stripped back with mainly piano, strings, and Odetta's glittering vocals. There are songs with hints of gospel, pop, and even lofi indie intricacies. It’s brave and it’s timeless. Filled with some of her most vulnerable lyrics to date, Roots & Petals lays bare her soul and spirit in the pursuit of healing. A thread of light weaves this emotional and relatable EP together even as it wades through deep and sometimes heavy water.

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