J. Stephens

Stephens started writing songs around the age of 10. He got an acoustic guitar for Christmas when he was 16 and fell head over heels in love with singing and songwriting — but he signed a record deal with pop punk band, eleventyseven, and spent 10 years on the road playing drums, and had to put singing and songwriting on the back burner. The band played their last show in Germany in October of 2012.

As soon as he came home, he dove head first back into singing and writing. Five years and many songs later, he felt like it was time to stop sitting on these songs and let folks hear them. For the past two years, J. Stephens has been doing exactly that. Often playing several shows a week and writing and recording in between, he also plays in the band Howl in the Valley.

Official Website: https://jstephenssongs.com

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