Howl In The Valley

In early 2018, Howl In The Valley started as a few Spartanburg musicians sitting in with each other at an open mic on Sunday nights.  They quickly evolved into an up-and-coming folk rock trio with powerful, well-crafted songs that stir the soul and tattoo the brain with infectious melodies and memorable lyrics. The trio spent the majority of 2018 perfecting their craft and building a fanbase on stages of all sizes throughout the Carolinas.  In November 2018, they took enough time off from gigging to head into the studio to track their debut EP. The first single, "Shadow Dancers," was released on February 22nd 2019, followed by a self-titled album on April 5th. You may find the trio on a large stage playing with a full band to a loud and crowded bar. And you just may as well find the three of them with an acoustic guitar and a suitcase kick drum playing in a living room. No matter the venue, Howl In The Valley is sure to create exciting yet intimate experiences for every audience.

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