Brad Keaton feat. Reggie Rocc

Collaboration Nominated - "Yours"

Brad Keaton Biography - Spartanburg, SC-based Soul Singer Brad Keaton is an accomplished vocalist and songwriter, boasting national and international radio play and a Billboard-charting project on his resume. Brad has a beautifully catered sound with a vibe that is always breezy, uplifting, and sensual. Thematically, his songs are all about love and relationships and appeal to a wide range of emotions. Brad Keaton, at his best, parallels the Allen Stones and Mat Kearneys of the recording world – retro and evocative of older R&B while still being fresh and hip - let’s go with Modern Soul.

Reggie Rocc Biography - Reggie Rocc is a Billboard-charting Gospel Hip Hop artist from the Upstate. With a rapidly growing following and an amazing product, Reggie is a force in the music scene, locally and nationally. The collaboration with Brad was a natural fit, as the two instantly had great chemistry and flowed well together.

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