Beach Tiger: Where Do We Go From Here

Greenville-based project Beach Tiger is the moniker of Taylor McCleskey, a songwriter who crafts pop songs that are unapologetically big in their approach. New single "Where Do We Go From Here" bursts with energy and revels in creative nuance — patching together lyrical introversion with a sound palette that reaches ever outwards.

"On the surface, 'Where Do We Go From Here' tells the tale of a relationship on the rocks", says McCleskey. "But if you dig deeper, you'll discover a few extra layers. For me, I have always chosen to live my life in a bit of a bubble - 'ignorance is bliss' if you will - but 2021, both globally and personally, has forced me out of my 'everything's okay' shell and shown me that the world is unpredictable, scary, crazy, exciting, and sometimes you have to walk through the fire rather than around it."

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